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Albany Park

Our Story


After retiring from professional football, Darryl Sharpton pursued his passion for furniture by launching a successful furniture brand with his wife Jessica.

They began manufacturing sofas and selling them online the traditional way (i.e. strapping big sofas to pallets and using expensive freight companies to drop them at the customers curb). Despite years of success they couldn't ignore the pattern of inefficiencies and customer frustrations in the sofa delivery process. Sofa shopping desperately needed an upgrade! Darryl & Jessica focused on 2 main frustrations and solved them!

First: Sofas are big, bulky and heavy. Also, they are difficult to move into and around your home.

Albany Park furniture comes packaged in apartment-friendly, space-conscious boxes that can easily be maneuvered in stairwells, tight hallways and throughout any home. Unlike our competitors, assembly is easy and can be completed in 5—10 minutes! Check out our assembly video! [VIDEO]

Second: It takes 2-4 weeks for sofas to be delivered with traditional freight companies, and they charge an EXTRA $199+ fee just to bring it to your doorstep!

Not anymore. Albany Park furniture is delivered to your front door in 3 business days with UPS. Not only is this method tremendously faster and more convenient, it is also less expensive. You can tell from our pricing that we’ve passed those savings on to YOU!

“Ok, getting an Albany Park sofa is convenient and a great price— cool. But what’s the trade off? Is it good quality, is it comfortable?”

Quality and comfort are the foundation of Albany Park. It’s our #1 priority. Our collection went through 15 iterations before we were satisfied with the end product. Albany Park furniture is built using high quality, kiln dried hardwood frames. Our seat cushions have a pocket coil core surrounded by mattress-quality foam for the ultimate in seating comfort. Our fabrics are sumptuous and easy to clean. Albany Park has it all!

So if you truly want to own beautiful furniture for your home without having to pay outrageous prices and risk the burdensome process of traditional freight shipping then give Albany Park a try!

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